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As there isnt many Charola fics i decided to write one :lol:

Dont forget to comment :)

Celebrity News & Chat / Little Mix
« on: October 17, 2011, 09:43:34 PM »
Formally Rhythmix
Follow them at @Littlemixoffic
I love these Girls, i hope they get far in the competition

One Shot FanFics / [One Shot]Sarah & Tommy| Tearing her happiness.
« on: September 06, 2011, 06:55:12 PM »
Warning.Will contain strong language. Dont read if your likely to be affended.
decided to do a one shot, seen as i never finish fanfics :lol:

'Get out!' Sarah Screams smashing a vase. 'Gladly' Tom replied, packing his stuff. Sarah sunk to the floor, she loved tommy she did, but she wanted to settle down, he didnt. The front door slammed shut. Sarah sat there crying uncontrollably. Everything zooming round her head, it was all a blur.

Will contain swearing, dont read if youll be offended
This is about Cheryl & Ashley getting back together, after her being fired from the x factor.

Cheryl was woke up by the paps shouting and being generally noisey outside her house. 'oh *Duck* off' she thought, rubbing my eyes, she looked at ashley sound asleep beside her. He was so cute when he was asleep she thought. Cheryl was the happiest she'd been in ages, and that was all down to Ashley.He'd come round with flowers and chocolates and he was generally sorry. But of course the press were having a field day!

Please Comment and let me know what you think

Warning: may contain swearing, sex scenes
this story is about before and after the band, Atm its from cheryls point of view I'll let you know if that changes,
Most of this will be fictional, there may be glimmers of truth throughout.
I don't really know where this fic is going, I just had an idea and wrote it down
I hope you like it, please comment and let me know

chapter one

Celebrity News & Chat / Katherine Heigl
« on: April 14, 2011, 06:55:25 PM »
Starred in films such as Knocked up, 27 dressers, Killers, Life as we know it,The ugly truth.

You can check her out here

Tbh shes my favourite actress,and i thought she deserved a thread. :mrgreen:

WARNING:will contain swearing.
I do not own any of Girls Aloud, this fic is not real it,will contain all members of GA, please dont read if you will be offended
All comments welcome :)

Creative Writing / [FANFIC]Nicola: Its not about the name tag.
« on: February 18, 2011, 01:12:11 PM »
Nicola is a 15 year old school girl, Girls aloud never have existed in this fic,
WARNING: may contain swearing/ sexual references,
Please dont not be offended by anything written here.

“So are you coming tonight?” Hannah, Nicola’s friend asked her,
“Huh?” Nicola looked up from her book,
“Coming where?” She said.
“Ice Skating” Hannah Replied,
“Everyones going” She added.
“Umm I dunno” Nicola replied, she couldn’t ice skate, she’d never even been before, she’d watched Dancing on Ice on tv, thinking how amazing it was.
“Ill ask and ill text you later” Nicola said with a smile, knowing she wouldn’t be allowed out, Liverpools not a safe place after dark.
“Ok” Hannah sighed as the last bell rang.
           Nicola was the first one out of the school gates, she ran over to her dads blue 106 Peugeot, getting in the front.
“Dad, can I go ice skating tonight?” Nicola asked quietly
“well I don’t see why not” her dad replied as he started the drive home.
“What?!” Nicola said loudly, “Oh umm thanks,” She said when the pull on the drive.
Nicola text Hannah ’Yh I can go, ill see you at the rink at 7 x’
Nicola didn’t want to go but she couldn’t lie to her best friend, What do I even wear? She thought to herself. About 5 minutes later she had a text back ’Kool, ill see you l8r xx’
            As 6:30 arrived, Nicola was wearing a skirt and tights, with dolly shoes and a vest, trying to copy what they wear on dancing on ice.
“Bye mum, bye dad” She shouted as she closed the front door behind her making her way to the skating rink.
As she walks into town, she sees a group of the popular kids from her year, they all turn round and look at her. Nicola puts her head down, not noticing they’re making their way over to her.


General Chat / Halloween
« on: October 17, 2010, 06:51:00 PM »
I dont know if theres a thread like this,
but thought id make one ;)
Just share,What are you dressing up as? ect

Im going as Sandy from grease, in the last scene where shes in black ;)

She is die hard fashion follower, often seen in the latest trends - even if it at times they are questionable.

And Cheryl Cole's choice in footwear to dine with friends last night did not disappoint.

Dressed in an otherwise sombre outfit of black skinny trousers, T-shirt, jacket with some layered necklaces, her eye-popping boots certainly stood out.

The futuristic purple, red and silver heeled boots are designed by Yohji Yamamoto for Adidas.

The Japanese designer also designs a range of clothes for the sportswear giant, and his latest collection 'marries the ideas of tradition and futurism with an element of modernity.'

Her heeled trainers have been described as 'uglycool' by one blogger, and retail for approximately £310.

The 27-year-old appears to love them though, flashing a dazzling smile as she left upmarket Sumosan in Mayfair where she had been dining with friends.

Cheryl looked the picture of health as stepped out of the Japanese restaurant, after a weekend of filming for the X Factor.

She has been staying at a luxurious Ascot mansion in recent days for the judge's houses stage of auditions, where she was joined by

The futuristic look is in stark contrast to the graceful prima ballerina persona Cheryl takes on in her new video for Promise This.
In the clip the Girls Aloud star dances with a mysterious man in a forest setting, wearing a pink leotard and tulle skirt, pointe shoes and her hair swept back in an elegant bun.

Sarah Harding used to a staple sight on the London club scene back in the day, but thankfully in the last couple of years or so she’s managed to reign in her more hedonistic tendencies in favour of a more peaceful life with her other half.
Still every once in a while the Girls Aloud singer enjoys a good night out just like everyone else, which is why were quite unconvinced when, earlier this week, Sarah claimed she’d completely hung up her partying shoes. During a night out with GA crew, Harding smugly uttered the words:

“My party girl days are far behind me”

Well obviously not because along came Friday night, and take a guess who we spotted tottering out of Gilgamesh in Camden at 2.30am with a big old smile on her face? Yup that’s right – Sarah Harding. Quelle surprise eh?

sorry if this has already been posted

Cheryl Cole / Cheryl Cole 'lost ring in fan struggle'
« on: June 15, 2010, 03:05:26 PM »
Cheryl Cole lost one of her favourite pieces of jewellery when she was grabbed by an overzealous fan in Birmingham at the weekend, a report has claimed.

On Sunday, Cole's security had to step in when a persistent female supporter hassled the X Factor judge outside a hotel in the city. The incident is thought to have occurred while a throng of paparazzi surrounded the singer.

According to the Daily Star today, Cole lost a ring from her finger among the chaos.

It is thought that two members of her team later returned to the area to find the silver piece, but their search was unsuccessful and the ring was still missing last night.

The 26-year-old was staying at the city's Hotel Du Vin following a day of filming for The X Factor. She had been judging hopefuls at the LG Arena alongside Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and guest panellist Natalie Imbruglia.

Warning: This fanfic WILL contain Sexual references, have homosexual scenes and have swearing in it. Please dont read on if you are likely to be offended!

Chapter one:

Girls Aloud had jetted off to another holiday in Thailand. Kimberley and Cheryl were asleep on the bed, a long day sunbathing had really knocked them out. Nicola was shopping, after all she didn’t want to be burnt to a crisp, leaving Sarah and Nadine in the hotel room alone. “ Ya know your very sexy miss Coyle” Sarah giggles while sipping her coca cola. “ The same to you Miss Harding” Nadine giggles and shoves her curles into a bun.  Nadine collapsed into a heap on the sofa next to Sarah. “ why did ya say that then sarah?” Nadine asks curiously. “Because, well I dunno, you just are” Sarah replies, and she turns her head so she can see Nadines face. Nadine smiles shyly and she looks at Sarah. Both girls lean in towards each other until their lips meet. Nadine puts her hand behind Sarah’s head pushing her into her. There tongues fight with each other before Sarah moves back slowly. “Wow” Sarah says softly.

Chapter two:

The next day should have been awkward between the gorgeous girls, but it wasn’t. It was more like a relationship, neither of the girls said anything, but they both felt the same. At around 9:00pm Cheryl, Kimberley and Nicola  had started on the wine. “Woo, lets play Truth or dare!!” Cheryl shouts grabbing her pillow and sitting on the floor. “Lets do it” Nicola agrees, sitting on the sofa behind Cheryl. “Mmmm” Kimberley says sipping her wine. All the girls join together, the game starts. “Dineyyyyy its your turn” Kimberley says. “Finee” Nadine says. “I dare you too…… Snog Sarahs face off” Kimberley giggles. Nadine looks at Sarah, she moves herself closer to her and kisses her, starting off slow and passionate it soon turns into quick, rough kisses. The other girls looked at each other, they knew something fishy was going on. Nadine and Sarah pull away from the kiss, realizing everyone was watching. “So, whos turn is it now?” Nicola asks.

General Chat / LG Arena Help?
« on: May 04, 2010, 08:36:12 PM »
I want to gatehang for cheryl on saturday. And i was wondering how easy it is to meet cheryl at the LG arena? (Birmingham)
My dad says i have no chance meeting her because there are too many places she could go in?
Any help?

General Chat / Help with posting to Poland?
« on: April 21, 2010, 06:49:06 PM »
Im posting something to Poland and i was just wondering if i can put a stamp on it? (a british one)
ive never posted to anywhere outside the UK before,
and i dont have the money/time to take it to a post office completely poor atm
any help would be much appreciated?

Warning:May contain sexual references and strong language. Dont be offended by anything written in this fanfic.

Plot: Kimberley is the presenter of the Xtra factor, Cheryl has divorced Ashley and has been with Derek for over a year. Nicola has a 2 year old daughter called Megan. Sarah and Tom have been married for 3 months, and Nadine is expecting twins.

Section One:

          Kimberley arrives home after a long weekend at the X factor studios, the live shows were really taking its toll on her. “Justin?” She calls,  kicking off her pink satin heels. “ In the living room” Justin calls back. “ Don’t come and meet me from the door, bloody pig!” Kimberley mutters under her breath and makes her way into the living room. “ Hey baby,” Justin says standing up, making his way over to his girlfriend of 7 years. Kimberley sighed as she heard her phone go off. “D’ya want me to get that babe?” Justin says after kissing his girlfriend slowly. “Nah its just a text” Kimberley said with an annoyed expression over her face, pulling away from Justin she went and read her text.”Whos it from?” Justin asked sitting back on the sofa watching the football.  Kimberley read the text carefully. “On my way to Newcastle, woop woop. Feet are killing, next week im wearing my uggs, HAHA Derek fell asleep in the car. Bless. Love ya babe, Chezzzaa xx” “Babe. Whos that from?” Justin says again louder. “ Oh, huh, um Cheryl,” Kimberley says as she walks off into the kitchen to make a cuppa.
          Justin gets up and follows her, knowing shes in one of her moods. “Whats up?” he asks, getting ready to have his head bit off. “ We have been together 7 *Ducking* years!! No marriage! No baby! Nothing” Kimberley shouts. “ For *Duck* sake Kimberley! Im not ready!!” Justin shouts back. “When are you gonna be *Ducking* ready Justin!! Cheryls shacked up with Derek! Sarahs Married to Tom! Nicolas got a baby with Charlie! Nadines expecting twins!! Its just *Ducking* me!! I cant do this anymore!” Kimberley shouts. As she feels tears rolling down her face, she turns her back to him and looks out into the darkness.
         “ Well, ill *Ducking* shag you right now shall I? Ill give you a baby! Let it grow up in a *Ducking* house, where we are arguing every week!!” Justin shouts slamming the kitchen door. Kimberley slides down the kitchen cupboard and sits on the floor crying. Why couldn’t she have everything she ever wanted? Her phone buzzes again. “ Heya babe, seen you tonight. Where are those gorgeous shoes from??  Ill pop round tomorrow with Meg tomorrow, if that’s ok? Love ya babe. Cola xx” “ Hey babe, Yep pop round bout 2ish? Love you Kimbo xx”

Section two:

The next day.
         Kimberley was up bright and early, she had cleaned all the house before Justin got up. “Babe?” Justin said hovering round the living room door. “What” She replied not looking at him. “Im sorry. About last night.” He said making his way over to her. Kimberley goes to speak, but he doesn’t give her chance, kissing her gently, he moves his hand all over her curvy body. “Justin” She moans, knowing where this will lead. “Ssh baby” He replies, lifting her top up, planting kisses over her stomach. “Mmmm” Kimberley moans. Justin slides here top over her head, watching her gorgeous body lying underneath him. He tugs at her jogging bottoms. “ Babe” Kimberley says, her breathing getting heavy. “What?” Justin asks watching her chest moving up and down. “ Ive got my bridget jones pants on” Kimberley giggles. “ I don’t care, your still sexy baby” Justin replies, unclipping her bra. Moaning Kimberley saves Justin a job and takes her wet Bridget Jones pants and throws them on the floor. The pair get to it, making a lot of strange noises. Kimberley climaxs and Justin slows down, he pulls his boxers on and lies next to her. “Best we’ve done” Justin says, smiling, “Hmm, ive had better” Kimberley says giggling, “Joke.” “Love you”she says, “pass me knickers.” Justin throws her knickers at her. “ You might need some more, they are a bit…wet” He says and laughs.

Section 3:

3 hours later
          Nicola arrives at 2. Justin’s gone to the studio. Kimberley opens the front door. “Heya babe!” she says. “Hello you.” She says to Megan, as she holds her hands out. Nicola passes her mini me to Kimberley. Kimberley bounces her on her hip. “ You’re a natural.” Nicola says smiling, “ Right cmon then, ill go make a cuppa” Kimberley says, smiling at her god child.  Kimberley makes the tea and the sit down on the sofa, bouncing Megan on her leg. “ So babe, how are you?” Kimberley asks, looking at Nicola. “I’m alright, just abit down to be honest.” Nicola says, and she holds Megan’s hand. “ Aww why?” Kimberley asks, looking concerned. “I dunno, its just me and Charlie, ever since ive had Megan, sex hasn’t been the same, the sparks gone.” Nicola says watching Megan. “Ive heard that happens a lot, when couples have babies. Me and Justin are trying.” Kimberley says smiling. “ Really?!”Nicola says quite shocked. “ Yeah, don’t sound so surprised!” Kimberley replies. “Im not, well I am. Its just its been 7 years, you should have been the first to have a baby” Nicola says taking Megan off Kimberley. “ Shes sleepy” she adds. “Yeah,yeah I no” Kimberley replies with a smile.

Section four:

          Kimberley and Justin tried more and more for a baby, 3 months and nothing had happened. Kimberley made an appointment for the doctors. Something wasn’t right. “Maybe I can’t have kids?” She thought, “Maybe it was Justin?”  “Hey sexy kimbo, I need to see you. Im coming round yours today, no arguments XD love you babesss Chezza xx”
Cheryl arrived as promised, with flowers. “Hey babe” Cheryl says throwing her arms around Kimberley. “ Your in a good mood” Kimberley says, “ Are you ok babe?” Cheryl says looking at her pale faced best friend. “Yeah ive just got a bug or something” Kimberley says as she goes into the living room. Cheryl follows her through, “ these are for you babe” Cheryl says handing her the flowers. “ Thank you, but what are they for?” Kimberley asks putting them on the coffee table. “ I dunno, I just felt like bringing you some flowers” the Geordie lass says. Cheryl takes one look in her best friends eye, “ babe? Have you and Justin been having sex recently?” “Cheryl!” Kimberley says shocked at her friends question. “Have you?” Cheryl says. “Yes, whats that got to do with anything?” Kimberley asks. “ Unprotected sex?” Cheryl asks again. “ Jesus christ cheryl, wanna know the postions too?” Kimberley says, then giggles, “Yes, unprotected sex Cheryl.” “ Babe, I think your pregnant.” Cheryl says looking at Kimberley. “What?! No im not! We have been trying for 3 months, but nothings happened.” Kimberley says, looking at Cheryl as if shes some nutter. “ No, babe, seriously, I know” Cheryl says with a wink.
                          “How would you know Cheryl, you’ve never been pregnant.” Kimberley stresses. The penny finally drops. “Oh My God! Cheryl your pregnant!” Cheryl nodded and smiled. “ How far gone!” Kimberley asked, getting very excited. “ 3 months, we didn’t wanna tell anyone, ya know incase I lost it” Cheryl said. “ We, as in you and Derek?” Kimberley asked. “Aye” Cheryl said. “ Babe, go do a test” she adds. Kimberley and Cheryl both go into the bathroom. “I cant believe your pregnant and you didn’t tell me.” Kimberley said, feeling a little strange as she does the test.
 10 minutes pass
               Kimberley looks at the pregnancy test, “ Its postive” She says as she looks at Cheryl with tears in her eyes. “ Awww babe, come here” Cheryl says pulling her into a hug. Kimberley goes out of the bathroom and into the bedroom to get her phone. “ Babe, I don’t think I should tell you this over text, but I need to tell you now.Im pregnant! Baby I love you <3 Kimberley xxxxxx” “You texting J?” Cheryl asks. “ Yeah, what I don’t get is, why it takes so long. We’ve been trying for 3 months and I only did a test last week, so I am only a few days or something. Don’t tell no one Cheryl, I mean it.” Kimberley says. “ I wont babe, honest! Our secret!” Cheryl replies.
                 Justin arrives home at 5 that evening. “Baby!” Justin shouts, in a happy cheerful tone. Kimberley runs out of the kitchen and hugs him tight. “ I love you” She says to him. “I love you too baby,” Justin smiles and kisses her head. “No need to go to the doctors now” Justin says and smiles. “ Yeah that’s true, I was being to get abit down to be honest.” Kimberley admits. “Well its happened now, don’t jinx it” Justin says, “ You are going to rest and eat normally, not healthy, not this fish and steamed veg crap you are going to eat what you want, when you want” Justin adds.

Section five:

 7  months later
     Cheryl pops round Kimberleys for a cuppa. “Hey babe” Cheryl says holding Cameron in his carseat  , when Kimberley finally wobbles to the door and opens it. “Hiya” Kimberley says panting, “Bleeding hell I feel like a right fatty,” She laughs and lets Cheryl in, making her way over to the sofa, she falls over to it. “Ahh,” Kimberley sighs, “ did you feel like this?” She asks Cheryl, turning to her best friend who is cooing over her gorgeous little man. “ Aye, babe and I craved the strangest things! People think you crave pickled onions if your pregnant, but I craved snails!!” Cheryl laughed. “Snails?!” Kimberley said shocked. “ Im craving chocolate, that’s why I look the size of a horse” Kimberley laughs. “Where’s Derek?” She adds. “LA, he couldn’t get time off, hes on dancing with the stars or something” Cheryl rolls her eyes. “ Hes hardly seen Cameron!” She stresses. “ Don’t stress Chezza” Kimberley giggles, “it seems strange calling you Chezza now you’re a mum, and I would offer to make you a cuppa but I cant get up” She laughs. “ Ill do it pet, you take him” Cheryl says handing Cameron to Kimberley and going off into the kitchen.
Section six:

      Kimberley held Cameron in her arms, knowing in 2 months she would be holding her own baby boy or girl. “Ow” Kimberley thought as she got a sharp pain in her stomach, “Its just the baby kicking” she reassured herself. Then she realized the sofa was wet . “CHERYL!! *Duck*! CHERYL!!!” Kimberley shouts, waking Cameron up. “What is it?” Cheryl said running through. “ Im going into labour! I cant not yet! Its not time!” Kimberley panicked. “*Duck*!” Cheryl said pulling Cameron from her arms and plonking him into his carseat. “Phone” Cheryl says, as she runs for her phone. “Justin! Get your arse home NOW!! Kimberleys going into labour” Cheryl said into her blackberry before hanging up. “Ambulance!” Kimberley said breathing heavy. “I know babe, don’t worry its gonna be fine.” Cheryl said trying her best to comfort her friend. She held her hand tight. Kimberleys automatic reaction was to squeeze it. “*Duck* KIMBERLEY!! OWWWW YOU *Ducker*!!” Cheryl shouted.

Section six:

       The ambulance and Justin arrived at the same time. Justin ran into the house, to see his girlfriend on the floor, red in the face, “*Duck*, baby” Justin said as he sat next to her. Cameron was still crying in his carseat. “Its going to be ok” Justin reassured Kimberley but to be honest, he was scared shitless. She was soon on her way to the hospital. Cheryl was following in the car, ringing everyone she could think of. “ Diane, Kimberleys in labour, ring amy, sally and adam please. K. thanks.bye” “Mum, Kimberley’s in labour, yep ive gotta go bye.” “Nadine you need to get you’re irish arse over here! Get  a flight or something. I don’t care if its 4 in the morning! Kimberleys in labour! Yes Bye” “ Sarah, Kimberleys in labour, yep see you there” “ Nic, Kimberley’s in labour, ok see you there.” Cheryl was buzzing, even though she wasn’t having the baby. She felt good, she rang everyone she could think of.
       The doctors crowded Kimberley, “ Your gonna have to have emergency surgery” the doctors told her. “Ok” Kimberley replied, she was getting tired and as much as she wanted a natural birth, she was in so much pain. “Ok, we are just going to..” The doctor said before injecting Kimberley to knock her out. Cheryl, Sarah, Nicola and 2 very moany children waiting in the corridor.

Section seven:

             Justin stood watching Kimberley lie there while the doctors cut her open. Justins heart was racing, the baby could die. The doctors did what they had to do. Soon the room was filled with babys crying. Justin held the baby in his arms, “it’s a girl” the doctor said, “Kimberley should be awake in about 10 minutes” He added. “O..Ok Thank you” Justin said as he held his little girl. He kissed her forehead, she was so small. “ Shes going to be ok, shes a fighter” The doctor said before leaving them too it. The girls came into the room after they seen the doctor leave. Nicola and Cheryl started crying seeing the new arrival. “She’s so cute” Cheryl said. “I know, like her mum” Justin said back as he started crying. “Aww pet don’t cry” Cheryl said rubbing Justins arm. Kimberley started coming round. “Oh my god” She said half asleep. “Baby” Justin rushed over to her. Kimberley burst into tears, she was in so much pain. “ Baby, we have a girl, I love you so much,” Justin said as Kimberley opened her eyes. “Can, I,I hold her?” Kimberley asked. “Of course” Justin said placing the tiny baby in Kimberley’s arms.
          Nicola held Megans hand. “ Mummmaaaaa” Megan says sweetly. “Yes baby” Nicola says picking her up. “ Kimbubley got a baby” Megan said looking at the baby in Kimberley’s arms. “ Yeah she did,” Nicola said and she smiled at Kimberley. Kimberley listened to Megan, but she couldn’t take her eyes off her gorgeous little girl. “She butiful mummy” Megan says as she pokes Nicolas face. “She is isn’t she” Nicola said. “I butifuller though mummy” Megan said. “ Of course dolly”  Nicola smiled. Justin sat next to Kimberleys bed and watched her with their new addition. *Soooo Rain Onn Meeee, with surprise of thunder rain on me* “Ooh excuse me” Cheryl says as she goes to answer her phone. “Hello” Cheryl said. “Heyy im so sorry, I couldn’t get a plane, the twins arent very well, did everything go ok?” Nadine asked, “Yeah everythings fine, they have a girl,” Cheryl says with a smile on her face. “ As soon as the twins are better ill get a plane over, I need to see this gorgeous little walsh addition” Nadine laughs. “Alright babe, im gonna go now babe, ill send you a picture, Bye love you” Cheryl says before Nadine says her goodbyes and they hang up.

Section eight:

“Who was that?” Kimberley asks looking up slightly when Cheryl returns, “Nadine, she wants a picture of her and she says she hopes your well, she will get a plane over soon” Cheryl says and smiles. “Aww that’s nice” Kimberley says. “Auntie Kimbubley?” Megan says sweetly walking over to the bed. “Yes hunny” Kimberley says, “ I like your baby, me hold it?” Megan asks again. “ Sit on the bed and you can have a quick hold” Kimberley replies. Justin picks megan up putting her on the bed next to Kimberley, she holds her arms out. Kimberley places the baby in Megans arms, supporting her head. “Her names Destiny” Kimberley says, “ Detinany” Megan repeats, Nicola laughs slightly, “Is she beautiful?” Nicola asks Megan. “ Yeah, can I take her home?” Megan asks, “No baby, but we can visit her a lot” Nicola replies. “Kimberley im gonna head off home, its getting late and im sure you want your rest,” Nicola adds. “Alright babe, thanks for Coming, it means a lot” Kimberley says, picking Destiny up out of Megans arms. “ Yeah im gonna head off too, I’ll come visit you tomorrow, yeah? If your not at home that is?” Cheryl says. “Yeah, alright babe, Thanks” Kimberley says cradling Destiny. Both girls leave, leaving Justin and Kimberley alone with Destiny. “I’m so proud of you” Justin says with a smile and a glint in his eye.

Enjoy. Comment Please.

We've Gotta Fight For This Love

CAUTION:  Some of the storyline may be upsetting,there may be strong language, please dont be offended. Enjoy!   

Section 1:
              Nadine woke up on this usually bright morning, feeling a little bit worse for wear. Was that the alcohol from the hard partying last night? Some how she felt different, a feeling she had never got before, she ignored it. She looked over at her gorgeous fiancé lying next to her, she cuddled up close to him. In his arms everything was ok, she felt safe. Jason started to stir.
“morning princess” he said sleepily, putting his arms around his girl.
“morning baby” she replied watching him carefully, “i love you” she said quietly before kissing him softly.
            Nadine and Jason were perfect for each other, a match made in heaven, he was the only one to make he stomach flip. Jason engaged about 3 months ago, and they plan to get married on 4th April 2010. Nadine got out of bed, she stood up next to it and wobbled slightly.
“You ok babe?” Jase asked concerned,
“Yeah, i just feel abit strange’ Nadine replies while making her way into the bathroom.
Nadine knows something isn’t right. She knows whats going on with her. Jason, opens the curtains, revealing the amazing view, he stands taking it in for a few minutes. Nadine wanders out of the bathroom, trying to hide her tears.
“Whats wrong?” Jase says hurrying over to Nadine,
“Your gonna hate me” Nadine replies, throwing her head into Jase’s chest.
“No baby, ill never hate you, I love you too much” he replies trying to comfort her, but his own mind spinning around as to why Nadine would think he would hate her.
Nadine swallows hard, “Im pregnant.”

Section 2:

“What? With a baby?! Babe, you cant be, you take the pill” Jase said shocked.
“Yes, a baby!!I forgot to take it, i thought everything would be ok” Nadine cries, her words just being clear.
“oh babe,” Jase hugs her tight, kisses her head and cradles her like a baby.
“Its going to be ok, i promise” he says to reassure her.
         Nadine and Jase spend hours hugging, Nadine never lets go, she feels safe, eventually she falls asleep. She dreams of her baby, the most beautiful baby in the world, she has big brown eyes and brown curly hair, a cheeky smile that would melt anyones heart.
Jase sits watching her, seeing how peaceful she looks, he kisses her forehead softly.Nadine begins to stir,
“no,no...dont take her” she begins to say, Jase looks at her worried.
       Nadine wakes up  crying,she looks at Jase scared, more scared than hes ever seen her.  “It was just a dream baby, im not going to let anything happen to you or our baby” he says and smiles sweetly. Nadine looks at him and kisses him softly, tears still running down her face,  “She.....was....gorgeous....and...and.... she.... got.... taken .....away” Nadine says unable to speak. “Baby, no one is going to hurt you or her ok, im never going to leave you” Jase says, a worried look over his face.
2 months later
Nadine and Jase have been married for 3 weeks, the best day ever. All the guests commented on Nadines amazing dress, even with a baby bump she looks radiant. “Babe you nearly finished in the bathroom” Jase called from the bedroom. “Yeah, this bump is doing my head in, i feel like a right idiot.” Nadine said slightly frustrated, “Awww, poor baby” Jase replied with a slight giggle. “Jase, its not funny!!” Nadine replies a little louder this time.  “I wont” Jase says, trying not to laugh, before bursting out laughing. “Right.No Sex for you” Nadine shouts.
      Nadine walks out the bathroom, all red in the face, she sits on the bed with her back to Jase.  “Aww babe, im sorry, what you been doing? Your face is bright red” Jase says. “Trying to touch my bleeding toes, i cant be doing with this Jase. I feel like a whale” Nadine says and catches Jase smiling.
“Aww, babe, itll all the worth it in the end” Jase says and moves next to her, he kisses her soft skin gently.

Section 3:
 3 months later
Nadine and Jase are soon to be a mum and dad to a gorgeous baby, Cheryl, Kimberley, Nicola and Sarah have all travelled to LA for the birth of their god son or daughter.
“Oh my God, BABE!!!,” Nadine calls to Jase, “What, what is it?” Jase says running into the living room. “Its time,Owwww” Nadine cries. “Oh god!” Jase says, as he starts to panick, “Phone the girls, and an ambulance,  quickly!!!” Nadine says as she holds her stomach tight. Jase cuts to the chase and phones the ambulance and the girls, Nadine gets rushed into hospital, with all the girls and Jase at his bedside, Nadine gives Birth. ....
                    “Why isn’t she crying” Nadine asks panicked, Kimberley, Cheryl, Nicola and Sarah all look at each other. Cheryl and Kimberley crying, they’re the emotional two. Once one starts crying, the other does too. “Im afraid your little girl hasn’t made it” The doctor says, “would you like a hold?” “NO NO NO NO ....MY BABY!!!” Nadine Screams, Jase holds Nadine tight,unable to speak. Cheryl takes the baby from the doctor, and cradles her, “ babe, hold her” Cheryl says in her Geordie accent. Nadine takes her gorgeous baby and holds her tight, she sits in Jases arms looking at what could of been the most gorgeous child ever.  She cries and cries and cries, but only one single tear runs down Jase’s cheek….

Section 4:
1 week later.
All the girls stayed in LA to support Nadine in her time of need. The paps are having a field day, every time one of them leaves Nadine’s, they are taking pictures. Nothings private. So they have been trying not to leave. 
     Tuesday morning, Nadine wakes up and does her usual routine. She gets up around 5am, sits in the front room crying for around an hour, and then she gets back into bed and pretends everything is ok. But this particular morning, Cheryl hears her fellow band member crying, so she listens and then when she hears Nadine getting out of bed again, she jumps up.
      “Babe” Cheryl says quietly trying not to scare her, “aye” Nadine replies, her voice cracking, as if shes ready to burst into tears. “Cmon here” Cheryl says before pulling Nadine into a hug, she squeezes her tight.  Nadine hugs Cheryl back, a few minutes later she cant take it anymore, she starts crying. “ I…cant…do…this…anymore….my…baby” Nadine cries, in between breathes.”Sssh” Cheryl soothes her, brushing her hair with her free hand, the other hand rubbing her back. “ I know it doesn’t seem like it at the minute babe, but it will be ok, honest” the Geordie lass says to Nadine.
       Nadine doesn’t respond she just cries, Cheryls should becoming very wet, from the irish beauty’s tears. Jase wakes up and feels Nadine isn’t lying next to him, so he gets up and sees the girls hugging in the front room, he smiles slightly. Trying to hide his feelings because he doesn’t want to get Nadine down even more. He blames himself. She blames herself. But its no ones fault, its just luck. Bad luck. Cheryl catches Jase’s smile and gives him a sympathetic smile. Jases looks at Cheryl, and goes into the dining room, he parks himself at the table n he just sits there.
        Its not long before the other girls are up and causing mayhem around Nadine’s place. But to be honest they are treading on eggshells, they have to be careful what they say, anything could set Nadine off. Sarah starts making lunch at around 1pm, “Who wants lunch?” She shouts. “Go on then babe” Cheryl says, strolling into the kitchen, “ Yeah I do” Says Kimberley in her husky voice, “ Um ok” Says Nicola, “No thank you” Nadine says quietly. “Nadine, your eating whether you like it or not, your wasting away.” She then sings “ Your just skin and bone.” Nadine smiles slightly, “Honestly im not hungry” “Im not listening” Sarah says sticking her fingers in her ears. “ Your eating and that’s that!”
             All the girls sat round the dining room table, Nadine eats about 4 mouthfuls, and pushes her plate away, all the girls look at her, then each other. They knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but she needed them at the minute. None of the girls were speaking, the only noise that was being heard were the clatter of forks. Suddenly, Nadine breaks the silence. “ Where’s Jase?” Nadine asks. “ Umm he went out, I think” Nicola says quietly looking at Nadine. “Im gonna go find him” Nadine says while getting up. She throws her jacket on and she walks out of the door. No idea where he is gonna be, she stands in the street turning round. Then it comes to her. The place they met. The beach.
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General Chat / Happy New Year!!
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Its abit early but i thought we need a thread to say happy new year so....
Happy New Year Everyone

General Chat / Childhood fears?
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What were your childhood fears?
I was scared of the dark
whenever we went into a dark place I would shout get me out

General Chat / Your advent calender?
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What advent calender you having this year?

I'm having a dairy milk one

(just a bit of fun)

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